7 steps to starting up your refrigerated air system

Spring time is upon us and that means that it is time to switch on the refrigerated air. Before you hit that switch on your thermostat take a minute to run a few checks to ensure you have a cooler summer and a repair-free summer. Some fixes are so simple but if left ignored, you’ll be calling your HVAC contractor to make a costly air conditioning repair. Here are some steps to save you money and to keep you cool:


  1. Change your filter

This can seem like a no-brainer, but I can’t tell you how many units I have seen that the filter looks like a furry cat has been sleeping on the filter. This debris gets into your system; and when it gets past the filter, you are looking at big problems. Avoid replacing a blower motor or paying thousands to have you’re A/C Coil cleaned/replaced.

  1. Take off the cover on your condenser coil.

A cover goes a long way to preserving your coil from the elements during the colder months. If you didn’t cover your coil, no big deal; just get you a cover at the local hardware store for next season change. If you have a package unit, don’t worry about it. You didn’t need a cover because your heat came from the same place!

  1. Spray off your outdoor coil (low pressure + turn off power)

LOW PRESSURE is the key here. Don’t put your finger on the hose and go nuts. This will only cause damage to delicate coils. Turn off the power to the coil by disengaging the disconnect. Then take your hose and let it run down the coil. Move the hose in a straight line downward so that all the dirt that has accumulated in the coil can be washed away.  Continue this process until there is no more dirt coming out and you see the water spraying through the other side of the coil. Spray away any excess debris and turn off the hose, engage the disconnect after it has dried, and you’re set.

  1. Clean off any debris in the moving parts

Take any pine needles or twigs out of the fan cover. These can act as mini projectiles when the unit is turned on and can potentially puncture a sensitive refrigerant channel meaning expensive HVAC repairs. Remove all debris from all moving parts.

  1. Clean around your coil

Take a broom and sweep away any dirt or leaves on the pad and around the pad that the condenser rests on. This is good practice to have a clean working environment for the summer.

  1. Make sure the inside of your unit is clean

Take a look inside your inside unit with a small paint brush. Brush away any excessive dirt being extra careful around parts that have wires run to them. Avoid these unless it is the blower motor or the blower wheel. Make sure the power is off before starting this process.

  1. Check your thermostat for programmed temperatures

This is important so you can save energy. Set the times you are home for higher- than comfortable temperatures while you are home so that the thermostat can be temporarily adjusted to accommodate for demand (78 degrees is around where it should be). While you are away, say at work or when you normally leave, set the temperature for 78-80 degrees. This saves energy, but also keeps your house from having a massive heat load which takes a while for the system to purge.


There you have it! Follow these quick and easy steps to ensure a cool, repair-free summer. Taking these steps not only ensures proper function, but it ensures cleanliness which helps preserve components to keep running properly. As the weather heats up this spring, you want to make sure you have a reliable HVAC unit. If your air conditioning unit breaks down in the heat give the air conditioning repair specialists at Air Link a call directly at (505) 315-5768. We look forward to being your trusted air conditioning repair and air conditioning service experts in Albuquerque, NM.